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Eunate Torres-Modrego is an architect trained at Madrid ETSAM (Spain) and the Institute of Architecture of the University of Geneva, IAUG (Switzerland) where she graduated with a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture.

In 2003, the Architecture and Landscape program at the IAUG received the first prize for Eunate Torres's work at the Barcelona Landscape Biennale. She became Christine Dalnoky's assistant in the Atelier de Paysage design studio at the IAUG in 2004 and taught for 5 years in the postgraduate Architecture and Landscape program of the University of Geneva founded by Georges Descombes with Jean-Marc Besse, Michel Corajoud, Georges Descombes, Alain Leveille, Sebastien Marot, Gilles.A. Tiberghien and Sandra Parvu.

In 2005, Sandra Parvu, architect, and Eunate Torres-Modrego, architect & landscape architect, created Bandé Itinérante in the context of their seminar "Territoires and Moving Images" part of the Architecture and Landscape postgraduate program at the Institute of Architecture, University of Geneva. Since the disappearance of the IAUG in 2007, Bande Itinerante has been dedicated to landscape design, exhibitions, publications and the organisation of workshops in different Universities seeking to articulate filmmaking experiments with landscape architecture: EAPB Paris and ENSAP Lille (France), CUHK Hong Kong (China), Piloto University in Bogota (Colombia), University of Manitoba (Canada), Kunsthal in (Spain).

In 2008, after 10 years based in Switzerland, Eunate Torres-Modrego founded Atelier de Paisaje in Getxo (Bay of Biscay), a landscape architecture design studio which main purpose is to develop a new set of representation tools and working processes interacting with particular sites through an approach that goes beyond the boundaries of the discipline of landscape architecture, and maybe even beyond the notion of discipline as such. Foundation Caja Madrid (Spain) supports E.T. Modrego's research projects since 2006.
Eunate Torres-Modrego
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